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Beit Kobi works to create a partnerships networks which consists of the citizens, businesses and organizations working for IDF's lone soldiers.  

Our resource develpment is not only measured by fundraising for our programming, but also in creating new partnerships, and the involvement of our partners.

Beit Kobi is proud of its partners and wishes to strengthen and expand our partnership network. Beit Kobi's large circle of donors indicates the way in which our resource development and fundraising is managed. Beit Kobi is committed to full financial and legal transparency, and works to keep our donors informed and involved with our activities. 

First and foremost, the strong partnership between the IDF and Beit Kobi is a result of the importance of army service to Kobi (HY"D). Kobi's legacy, as a person and as a commander, paved the road for the partnership with the Givati Brigade in particular and with the IDF in general.

Over time, with an understanding and recognition of Beit Kobi's unique contribution to lone soldiers, the IDF signed an agreement with Beit Kobi:

"The two parties express their desire not only to continue their partnership but also to add and expand the organization' activities, which concerns lone soldiers program, and to initiate future activities that will help and contribute to lone soldiers and IDF's commanders training". (March 27, 2007) 

The Ministry of Defense 

Already in its first year of activity, Beit Kobi was honored to welcome the then Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz, to Beit Kobi, as part of the government recognition. Since then, Beit Kobi has become a workshop provider to the Ministry of Defense on the subject of values. 

Beit Kobi has a number of partners and supporters, among them many leading corporations and foundations in Israel and around the globe, and government institutions. Our partners and suppinclude:


  • The Munipality of Givatayim
  • myisrael
  • Legacy Foundation
  • Legal Custodian of Negev Ceramics
  • Shalmor Avnor Amichai Y&R
  • Arison Foundation
  • Shupersol Bequests
  • Banan Engineering Ltd.
  • Friends of Bank Massad
  • Kalil Aluminum
  • M.H. Aleishar Distribution Ltd.
  • Shoresh Foundation
  • Bank Leumi
  • Alco Holdings
  • Mirs Telecommunications Ltd.
  • Cesarea Foundation
  • Bank Hapoalim
  • Sheva Pergolas
  • Paza Productions
  • Gertzman Foundation
  • Discount Bank
  • International Bank of Israel
  • Matan Foundaiton
  • American Express
  • Partner Communications
  • Blue Square Ltd.
  • Nash Foundation
  • Checkpoint
  • Israelcard
  • Yedidim of Israel
  • Best Foundation
  • Club 1000
  • The Christian Embassy in Israel
  • The Iranian-Jewish Embassy
  • Federation of Arkansas
  • Federation of Detroit
  • Community of Teaneck, New Jersey


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