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Kobi Ichelbom Heritage and Values Center

The commander is the most significant figure in the military life of the soldier. Accordingly, Beit Kobi conducts enrichment workshops for commanders about topics related to values and ethics. The Education Chief Officer of the IDF has acknowledged the importance of Beit Kobi as a fundamental values center for IDF commanders. To date, over 26,000 IDF commanders have taken part in these workshops.

Kobi Ichelbom Heritage and Values Center

Beit Kobi offers a variety of workshops at the Kobi Ichelbom Heritage and Values Center:

1. Respect Workshops – In the Respect Workshops, commanders are exposed to the value of respect, which allows them to acquire important skills as commanders, including: motivating their soldiers, relating to one another, finding personal strengths within each soldier, and improving the dialogue between the commander and his troops; all of these concepts are taught through content, examples and stories from the military world they are coming from.

2. Climate of Respect Workshop – Recognizing the strong influence army service has on the rest of the soldiers' lives, the Climate of Respect Workshop was developed in collaboration with the IDF Chief Education Officer. The workshop allows for dialogue between the commanders on the subject of day to day management of military units and the way of life within the units. The workshop deals with many "gray areas" that come up in military life, military traditions, and the relationship between senior and younger soldiers.

3. The Challenges of the IDF's Code of Ethics – The Challenges of the IDF's Code of Ethics workshops are special workshops for education officers which are conducted to promote valuable and practical discussions about the daily expression of the IDF's code of ethics.


“Every commander must participate in this workshop, which changes ways of thinking and contributes a lot to the nature of command.”

“A wonderful workshop which the whole army should participate in; it provides valuable tools for dealing with soldiers."


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