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Volunteers – Supporting & Encouraging Lone Soldiers

One hundred and fifty of Beit Kobi's volunteers and supporters provide the Givati brigade's lone soldiers with the support and encouragement that the soldiers can't otherwise get from their own family. The volunteers also learn about the units and meet the commanders, and are introduced to Beit Kobi and the support it provides for the soldiers.

Volunteers – Supporting & Encouraging Lone Soldiers
Our Volunteers

Military ceremonies celebrate achievements and significant turning points in a soldier’s military career. The first momentous event during each soldier's service, "Parents' Day", takes place during their basic training. Parents come to their children's base to learn more about their service and visit their children. In the past, lone soldiers were tasked with guard or kitchen duty during Parents' Day, as they did not have any visitors.

Beit Kobi took the initiative to remove the lone soldiers from the day altogether, and brings lone soldiers to our Center to introduce them to Beit Kobi and take them out for a relaxing day of activities (past activities have included barbequing, bowling, swimming, and more).

Other momentous occasions include the swearing-in ceremony, the beret ceremony, the end-of-basic-training ceremony, and others, which represent the soldier’s progress and achievements as a fighter. These ceremonies are usually celebrated in a warm familial atmosphere, where soldiers enjoy their families’ support.

The presence of Beit Kobi volunteers at these occasions, at a time when the other soldiers’ families are present, in incredibly important; the volunteers embrace and encourage the lone soldiers, ensuring that they feel loved, appreciated, and supported.

“When I enlisted, my mother worried who would pamper me during my service but I got lucky. I wound up in the Givati Brigade and I’m not alone because at all the ceremonies the Beit Kobi family surprises us with homemade food and cute gifts! Aviva, you and all the others were there for us from the beginning, with smiles, encouragement, food and hugs - always at the right time, like after a hard march or on parents’ days. Heartfelt thanks for your devotion to the lone soldiers of the brigade whom you love so much."


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