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Home and Family

Beit Kobi, in cooperation with the IDF and the Givati Brigade, set up and maintains three apartments for lone soldiers from Givati; three lone soldiers live in each apartment for the entire period of their military service. These apartments give the soldiers comfortable, homelike quarters that they can return to while they are on military furlough throughout their IDF service.

An apartment like home


The soldiers living in the apartments are all paired up with volunteer families who serve as "adoptive” families to provide the soldiers with a warm, embracing environment and loving support system. To help provide the families with the knowledge and understanding of the soldiers' unique needs, Beit Kobi developed special training workshops for the participating families.
In addition to providing the lone soldiers with housing and adoptive families, Beit Kobi provides the soldiers with food during their weekends off from the army, financial assistance in emergency situations, financial assistance to purchase winter clothing, special appreciation events, and rent assistance for several months after each soldier's discharge from the army.
The type of assistance provided by Beit Kobi's Home & Family program is one of a kind; to date, 37 IDF soldiers have completed this program.
Beit Kobi aims to provide its lone soldiers with the compassion, support, and care they need to successfully serve in the army, and to effectively transition into civilian life after their service is complete.


"The peaceful environment at Beit Kobi helped me achieve my goals in the IDF in the best way. You helped me become the best soldier I could be."
Eli Schwartz, Beit Kobi graduate

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