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Beit Kobi

supports and assists Israel's lone soldiers. We believe that lone soldiers deserve the warmth and family hug that other soldiers receive. Beit Kobi also provides workshops on the subject of ethical military values to IDF commanders in an effort to build generations of better commanders and better citizens.


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  • Home and Family

    Home and Family

    Beit Kobi, in cooperation with the IDF and the Givati Brigade, set up and maintains three apartments for lone soldiers from Givati; three lone soldiers live in each apartment for the entire period of their military service. These apartments give the soldiers comfortable, homelike

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  • Volunteers – Supporting & Encouraging Lone Soldiers

    Volunteers – Supporting & Encouraging Lone Soldiers

    One hundred and fifty of Beit Kobi's volunteers and supporters provide the Givati brigade's lone soldiers with the support and encouragement that the soldiers can't otherwise get from their own family. The volunteers also learn about the units and meet the commanders, and are

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  • Kobi Ichelbom Heritage and Values Center

    Kobi Ichelbom Heritage and Values Center

    The commander is the most significant figure in the military life of the soldier. Accordingly, Beit Kobi conducts enrichment workshops for commanders about topics related to values and ethics. The Education Chief Officer of the IDF has acknowledged the importance of Beit Kobi as

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